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Tactical Medical Bag

This military grade 8”x 6”x 3” MOLLE compatible tactical medical pouch attaches easily to all your MOLLE compatible gear. Made of rugged 900D, this first aid pouch is in it for the long haul. An exterior Velcro MOLLE web strap allows for easy attachment of personal ID while built-in D-Rings make it easy to hang from just about anywhere, and durable two-way zippers with silent cord pulls give you rapid compartment access while secure inner loops keep your supplies in place until needed.

Note: Individual content appearance may vary based on supplier inventory.

For its price and size, the OmniFAK-911 is the most versatile, cost-effective and high-quality individual first aid kit (IFAK) available. Unlike other IFAKs, the OmniFAK-911 has the tools you need to render effective emergency care to victims of trauma, hemorrhage control, burns, penetrating injuries, hypothermia, and even eye injuries. In addition, the OmniFAK-911 also equips you with a quality light because so many emergencies happen at night or in poorly lit areas, professional grade shears for cutting away clothing, seat belts, help trip dressings, etc., a water proof Sharpie marker for documentation, and what you need for minor wound care, including First Aid bandages, disinfecting towelettes, and tweezers. Every component in the OmniFAK-911 is relevant, effective, easy to use, and currently in use by the military and/or emergency services.

Israeli 6" Battle Dressing

Invented by Israeli military medic Bernard Bar-Natan, the Israeli Battle Dressing (IBD) is an elasticized bandage with a non-adhesive bandage pad sewn in. The bandage has a built-in pressure bar, which allows the user to twist the bandage around the wound once, and then change the direction of the bandage, wrapping it around the limb or body part while creating adjustable pressure on the wound. The pressure bar makes bandaging easier, and the closure bar at the end of the bandage means that it clips neatly into place and will not slip. Perhaps the most versatile and effective dressing/bandage ever developed to date, the IBD is excellent for hemorrhage control, as a dressing, for splinting, and as an improved tourniquet. The OmniFAK-911 uses two vacuum-sealed 6” x 70” IBDs for maximum versatility. Each comes in vacuum-sealed, low-cube packaging; quick and easy self-application Israeli battle dressing (IBD), 6” x 70” long.

Quik Clot uses kaolin to accelerate the body’s natural clotting ability and helps clot up to five times faster than blood on its own. No animal, plant, human or shellfish related material. You can safely control bleeding without worrying about allergic reactions. Flexible, fits onto just about any wound, in just about any situation. Handy-sized pack goes anywhere from your home to car to business. Trusted and relied on by healthcare professionals, emergency medical responders, law enforcement and the US Military combat approved.

Note: The Quik Clot's appearance and specs change due to manufacturer practices and availability. 

Recon Medical Gen-3 Tourniquet

Uncontrolled bleeding is the leading cause of preventable death in tactical and non-tactical trauma situations, and tourniquets are the single most effective device for controlling extremity hemorrhage. Recon Medical's Gen-3 tourniquet allows for single-handed application of the tourniquet for self-care and care of others. The tightening windlass is made of aluminum for maximum torque with a white securing strap designed to be marked with the time of application. The strap provides a patent-pending hole for better grip in wet and dirty conditions.   Cold-weather tested to resist cracking. Research has shown the combat application tourniquet to be 100 percent effective in quickly stopping arterial blood flow in the shortest time, saving life and limb. Add one or more to home emergency kits, cars, backpacks, motorcycles, range bag, construction belt or carried on person for immediate use.

HyFin® Vent Compact Chest Seal Twin Pack

The HyFin® Vent Compact Chest Seal Twin Pack is a smaller version of the regular Hyfin® Vent Twin Pack giving responders two (2) vented chest seals in a compact packaging for the treatment of penetrating injuries to the chest. Designed with 3-vented channels that allow air to escape the chest cavity during exhalation while preventing air from entering through the injury site during inhalation. Each HyFin® Vent Compact Chest Seal is 4.75” x 4.75” and made with advanced adhesive to provide a superior adhesion in the most adverse conditions, including sweaty or hairy casualties. Contained in a rugged, easy-to-open foil pouch, the perforated packaging allows users to open only one dressing at a time as needed. Its small packaging is ideal for low profile kits as you do not have to fold it to get it to fit in your kit, go-bag, cargo pocket or body armor. Weight: 1.6 ozs Packaged: Folded: H 6.5 in. x W 3.875 in. x D 0.25 in. Unfolded: L 6.5 in. x W 7.75 in. x D 0.13 in. Chest Seal Size When Deployed: H 4.75 in. x W 4.75 in.