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Unarmed Self-Defense


Maximize Your Ability to Defend Yourself

These personalized unarmed self-defense courses will teach you effective methods to maximize your ability to defend yourself against attack.

Together we address your concerns, your goals, experience, attitudes, current skills, and personal fitness & strength. We develop a specific plan customized for you and your skills.

"[Tony] gives me a chance to learn and improve my skills/techniques without the stress of time limits and without the pressure of sparring and the accompanying need to "win" or "lose".  Being able to just focus on the technique and getting more than just a couple of repetitions in is very helpful for me.  Also, I really like the explanations and examples of why we do certain warm-up movements.  I also like that Tony has us rotate training partners often so we are not always training with the same person and get a chance to feel how to do the move with people of different size and skill level."


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We work with you one-on-one to achieve your goals.