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"Tony Ricci has been working with me for the last couple years. He is a diligent and enthusiastic trainer who is very concerned with the improvement of the people he trains. He is dedicated to his craft, whether firearms, self-defense, or emergency care. He is always prepared to give a hundred percent to his students and doesn't cut corners or takes shortcuts in making his presentations as complete and thorough as possible. He is always striving to give the best possible instruction, and his energy is seemingly tireless. A quality instructor, no one will leave his class doubting his proficiency or professionalism."

TJ Johnson
Owner & Chief Instructor of Allsafe Defense Systems, LLC
NRA Training Counselor & Instructor

"Coming from a country [Beijing, China] where private possession of firearms is illegal, I knew literally nothing about guns. Before meeting Tony, I've only had two experiences at shooting range, walking in feeling anxious and walking away without learning a thing both times. The shooting experience with Tony started with the same anxiety, only this time I walked away with the confidence that I've learned some fundamental knowledge about a very practical and significant skill. As an instructor, Tony is incredibly patient, friendly, and knowledgeable. There is a "why" behind every "how," and Tony answered every question I had with great details, no matter how rudimentary the question was. When the class began, I barely had an idea how to hold a gun. After merely one hour of training, I learned how to properly load and unload, how to adjust my body posture, how to aim, and even how to control my breathing when shooting. I never thought a shooting experience could this educational and I am so grateful to have had Tony as an instructor"

Tiantian C.
15 Mar 2018

"Tony is one of the best instructors I have had the honor to work with. He very level and easy going. He makes the students feel relaxed. He has a way of communicating complicated shooting techniques to students so they understand them. Also, with his emergency medical background, I always feel safer with him on the range. I would feel very good sending anyone of my students to him for instruction."

D. Paracchini
Lead Instructor
CalGuns Shooting Sports Association

"Upon owning my first gun, I only had a small amount of informal shooting experience. Tony's years of military and civilian gun training enabled me to brush the rust off and improve my accuracy and confidence in one session. I now feel comfortable at the gun range and am able to keep tighter grouping at further distances. There is the way "we think" we should shoot a firearm and then there is the "right way."

Tyler S.

"I have been a gun owner for many years, and have been through several gun safety and basic fire arms courses. I recently went out on the range with Tony and was impressed with his knowledge and thoroughness with firearms safety. Tony was also able to help me work on drawing and firing techniques, significantly improving my accuracy with only an hour of instruction and practice. Tony was also very patient and helpful while maintaining safety during our shoot. I would recommend Tony to anyone that is a beginner, or someone that just wants to improve on their firearm handling."

Adam S.

Emergency Medical - First Aid - CPR

"With his extensive background as a Paramedic and Military Medic, Tony Ricci is supremely qualified to teach First Aid/CPR/AED and the Range Emergency Care (REC) course.  His ability to reduce complex information to manageable and retainable components is exemplary.  The materials and visual aids he uses are real-life examples of medical emergencies and gunshot wounds, thereby allowing students to clearly see the true effects and trauma of such situations.  Add in Tony's easy going and friendly manner, and you have a class of significant importance delivered by an experienced and interactive instructor.  I recommend Tony's First Aid/CPR/AED & Range Emergency Care course to anyone who has an interest in helping others and making a difference."

Firearms Instructor
Retired LEO

REC Courses# 1-17 & 3-17
Feb 26 & June 18, 2017


I learned valuable lifesaving skills in your REC course and thoroughly enjoyed learning from you and Jen. You make a great team. I hope I have the opportunity to train with you again. Everyone should learn basic first aid and those who spend time on a shooting range would greatly benefit from taking a Range Emergency Care course. I highly recommend Tony Ricci's REC class. His extensive experience as a Paramedic, Military Medic and first responder enables him to effectively teach wound assessment and the best trauma care for the injury. As an Instructor and Range Safety officer, I want to be able to treat trauma wounds effectively. The videos of real life gunshot wounds and medical emergencies helped prepare me for what to expect. Preparation and practice are essential in carrying out a plan under stress. I learned how to apply life saving techniques that can be used on the range and in everyday life. My teenagers play multiple sports and I feel confident in administering basic CPR and wound care if needed. I also know how to effectively use ALL the contents in the medical kit I've been carrying around in my trunk!

Kathy H.

April 8, 2018
REC Course# 1-18


"I cannot say enough great things about the 1st Aid/CPR/AED & Range Emergency Care class and Tony’s approach to teaching. Tony presented the material in a manner that was engaging, informative and focused on helping the class understand the intent behind each lifesaving technique to allow us to better apply it in various situations. Tony’s demeanor in his class was very fun and inviting and provided a great atmosphere for learning. In addition, he was very effective in connecting his experience as a field paramedic with the textbook material, thereby bringing it to life and providing great relevance.  I would not hesitate to take any additional classes conducted by Tony in the future."

Ernie M.

1st Aid / CPR / REC Course# 3-17
June 18, 2017


I took the Range Emergency Care (REC) course from Tony Ricci and found it extremely informative and invaluable. As an NRA Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer, I spend much time on the shooting range and wanted to get training on how to handle trauma accidents in case it’s ever needed. This course was thorough and the hands-on skills taught will undoubtedly help me be equipped to handle a variety of emergency situations. I, without hesitation, recommend this course for anyone who is seeking to learn how to assist in a medical emergency with competence and confidence.

Darlene R.

April 8, 2018
REC Course# 1-18

Six of our employees including myself took the CPR/First Aid class and I would highly recommend Omnisafe. The class was informative and fun. Tony and Jennifer mix in their own wealth of real world experience, knowledge, and skills to the classroom materials. We all left feeling prepared and confident to handle an emergency situation. is committed to providing a safe environment for our employees. We look forward to working again with Omnisafe.

​Scott Cannon
11 Sep 2018​

Having just completed OmniSafe-TE Range Emergency class, I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the experience. The instructors’ knowledge was vast but they were able to communicate the material to a range of students with little or no medical knowledge in a clear and practical way. Videos were shown to help us understand and recognize what is "real" vs what we see on TV and in the movies.

However, the best part of the course was the chance to practice the skills "hands on". This was not a comprehensive first aid course but focused on those situations where acting NOW could be the difference between life and death. That focus allowed us to understand how to use the essential items in a range first aid kit such as a tourniquet and chest seal-something not found in a typical first aid class (or first aid kit!)

Leaving class with our own range emergency kits, assembled with items selected by Omni Safe, put the students in a position to have the knowledge and tools to help in a traumatic injury situation. As the instructors stressed-knowing what to do allows you to act instead of panic.

Anyone who participates in activities where severe injuries can occur (not just at shooting ranges but working with chain saws, heavy machinery or other dangerous activities) would benefit from the training in this class.

Highly recommended.

Roberta T.

April 8, 2018
REC Course# 1-18

I would recommend the Range Emergency Care (REC) course to those who have taken a basic First Aid/CPR/AED course to supplement their skill set. I would also highly recommend this course to anyone who is in a supervisorial role at a gun range or other shooting activities. Knowing what to do and being willing to act is essential to the development of a good leader. For those who are not an RSO or manage a range, but shoot recreationally, this class would prepare you to respond to an emergency in the event there is no one else who can respond. You would be able to give care until Paramedics arrive and transport the victim to higher medical care.

Kanani F.
Former Lifeguard, 1st Aid Instructor

Feb 26, 2017
REC Course #1-17

"The REC class was great and exceeded my expectations. I had signed up for the course for additional training and insight from alternate / professional viewpoint, and to learn more about traumatic injuries and treatment, as well as honing and refreshing skills. The insight from your vast experiences was a great help as you emphasized even the "simple things" like note taking, writing the time of a tourniquet application and other tasks that can be a huge benefit for paramedics and doctors.  The hands-on practice with tourniquets and the Israeli dressings were very helpful. The explanation and real-world videos of chest seals, quick clot, tourniquets and Israeli bandages were a huge plus. Bottom line, the more you know / train, you become a better asset to yourself and those around you."


"I wanted to take the Range Emergency Care course because I wanted to improve my skills in first aid, and to give back to the community by being ready. The course was better than I expected because Tony showed us examples of what trauma's looks like, he shared personal experiences, and I learned to be more comfortable using a tourniquet and Israel bandage. As a result of this course, I now feel that I am better prepared to help when needed to. My favorite part of the course was using the tourniquet, Israel bandage, and your insights such as learning being thirsty is part of large blood loss. "

Robert S.
Father and Assistant Scoutmaster

REC Course# 4-17
Sep 2, 2017


"What I like most is Tony’s patience and the pace, which is my own pace (not fast). A HUGE thanks for your class!"


"I really enjoy the basics class.  I have very little experience with BJJ and was quite intimidated by joining a class full of seasoned grapplers.  This class was my first introduction and I feel like what I have already been taught is amazing.  Due to location (my wife refuses to bus them around any further than she does now) my children take classes at another BJJ gym.  They had me sit in and "roll" with the adults one evening.  I can tell that without any experience other than the Basics course at Eagle BJJ, I was able to hang quite well and most thought I had much more training than I had.  I am extremely appreciative of this course and look forward every Wed.  Not to mention as a newby, I notice constantly blue belts and even higher lacking basic bridging and fundamental techniques.  Thank you again, Tony, Carlos and everyone at Eagle BJJ for such an amazing experience.  I am now hooked. "

Craig K.

"Tony’s Wednesday class provides safe basic foundational skills which is important for overall BJJ growth and injury prevention. I also, believe that we will add and keep more students in this beginning environment…..No one likes to get beat up. It is difficult enough to allow oneself to be vulnerable as a new student, especially a man. The nervousness of the initial classes and fear of "getting beat up" can be counter-productive. It provides for a fun "safe" environment for a new and even intermediate student to learn/practice those very important foundational skills. Basic safe training in my opinion is paramount and a critical part of any BJJ training program. This, in my opinion, is what Tony’s class provides."

Ray M.

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